Sunday, December 9, 2012

TobyMac Concert

Last night, my whole family went to see TobyMac perform at Temple U! It was so much fun! A ton of our friends were there from youth group, and we partied! TobyMac had several supporting artists perform as well! Britt Nicole, Mandisa, Brandon Heath, Chris August, Jamie Grace, and Group 1 Crew! At different points in each performance, the artists would sing with eachother, and at the end, they all sang together again! They put on a great show, and I'm so glad we could go!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving friends and family!!

Before I go any further, I should probably mention something hilarious about Aunt Mere.

You know when you open those cans of biscuits and they pop?
Well Aunt Mere is COMPLETELY freaked out of that noise.

True story.

Anyway, I love you all and hope that your Thanksgiving is amazing and full of joy!

~Psych Out~

Sunday, November 11, 2012


And once again, tournament season is upon me. I played my first tournament in Montgomeryville yesterday, and emerged sore and tired. We played three hard games. I now feel like I'm walking like a robot xP.

~Psych Out~

Friday, September 14, 2012

In Boston!

So my fam has spent (is spending) Thursday evening- Saturday evening here in Boston seeing the sights and having fun! We've walked the entire Freedom Trail, and climbed all 294 steps up the Bunker Hill Monument (YUSH). OOOO! And we rode a carousel that had broken music... (I added my own theme music while riding the zebra). Twas awesome.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Baptized! (And TobyMac)(and the Dead Sea Scrolls)

Hello all my followers... :) (So fun to say that.. xD)

So, as the title suggests, I have three cool things to share with you today :).  First off, I was baptized yesterday!  16 youth and 3 adults were baptized in a local creek yesterday by the youth and singles pastor.  It was a really cool time, especially since me and Sam (brother) were able to be baptized on the same day :).  Both of us had plenty of friends getting baptized, to it was really cool. :).  Sam and I were one of the last ones to go (Since out last name is Stehr, alphabetically, we're always last :P).  Mr. Bell (On the right in pics, youth pastor) asked every person, "Have you placed your faith in Jesus Christ?"  All the youth (except me) answered, "I have."  I decided to change it up a little, and I said, "Fo sho!" Then I shared a little about my faith.  After I got dunked (lol), all of the singles caregroup (small group) surprised me and shouted "DOGGIE PILE!"  They ended up barely coming in the water, but I got dunked again by them.. :).  That was pretty funny :D.  (I was the only one they did it to, so everyone cheered and laughed xD).  I hang out with a lot of the single women a lot, cause we're all buds and stuff :).  Anyway..... After that crazy production, my bro got baptized. :)  That was awesome to watch.

After all 19 were baptized, all 300+ people there gathered around us and prayed for us.  It was a great time :).

Now, TOBYMAC!  I need to mention this.. :).  TobyMac released a new album call "Eye on It."  If you're a fan of his, or even if you're not, it is an AMAZING album.  I love it :D.  At the moment, his album (As well as a Christian rapper named, Lecrae), is number 4 and 2 on iTunes!  Pretty amazing for Christian music! :).

And one more thing..... >:3.  The Dead Sea Scrolls are on exhibition at a museum in Philadelphia!  I went to see them Saturday with dad!  WAS SOOOO COOL!  AH!  Omnibus students, it is all of our dream to see the stuff we learn about, so I'll post pictures later for you to see some of these AWESOME artifacts :D.  The only thing that was a bit disconcerting about the exhibit, is that they used a completely different date system.  They didn't want to offend anyone, so they didn't use BC/AD, they used BCE/CE, meaning "Before the Common Era" and "The Common Era."  Pretty sad.  I had no idea what the dates meant in relation to the BC/AD dates I learned :P.  After the museum, me and dad went to the Philly Bar and Restaurant and got some wings and hand cut fries :D.  Then..... we went to the Franklin Floats place and got some homemade ice cream :D.  (Actually I got a float :P. I'll post those pics later too :)  

So anyway, I think that pretty much wraps up my weekend... so... yeah :).  How was everyone's else's weekend?


~Psych out~


Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well, school is upon us once again!  I'm was super excited to get started!  The HW load hasn't been crazy so far... But that could change.  VPSA* is by far, the best school that I've ever done.  In my sixth year with them, I'm going into Omnibus 4.  Ancients again... Ah well.  If you ever have any urge to discuss Livy, Plato, or the deep themes within the Iliad, call me up on Skype!  Micah, Asher, and all my other buds that follow this blog, I'm serious!  We should seriously do a monthly Omnibus Skype chat or something.. >:3.  To my utter horror, I also discovered that we will be reading The Landmark Thucydides.  This is, in essence, Herodotus 2.  :O.  Ah.... the memories..... xP.  Anyway, Omnibus aside, I also have Comp. 1, Logic 1, and Algebra 2.  Comp. 1...... Ah, so many things I could say about that... Well, to start, I'm taking it over.  Unfortunately, the year I took it in seventh grade, I wasn't yet enrolled in the high school Diploma program...  It didn't count then, so I have to re-take it.... with a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds.  Ah.... such is my luck.  There is one kid named Carlos who insists on calling me "Linda."  Evidently this is because he cannot find the z button on his keyboard to spell "Lindz."  After one class, I was about ready to strangle him.  Linda......?  Uh no.   Logic is fun.  I'm taking it with Sam :).  (My little bro).  Mr. Baker is a hilarious teacher.  His humor reminds me of Dr. Nixon :D.  Having fun with that so far, but once again, the general age range is 12-13... :P.  Algebra 2!  Now this, is a MAJORLY fun class... Ever had Mrs. Stublin?  She is HILARIOUS.  I didn't really ever think math could be fun.... but wow... she makes it EPIK.  Then of course, I have Mrs. Hensley for Omnibus 4 Primary.  I really don't need to say much there.  :).. She is already the most epik teacher on the planet :).. She is also the greatest Godly example to look up to :).  I'm having TONS of fun with Asher and Serena already this year.  Our class only has 11 kids, but our discussions are still fun, even if they're a little shorter...

So anyway, that pretty much sums up school.  In other awesome news, PSYCH SEASON SIX COMES OUT ON NETFLIX SOON!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! *freaks out*

I think that's it... other than all that freaking out, my life is rather filled with school.  Oh!  Just remembered.. We have a Chinese exchange student for a whole year....!  Rather mixed emotions on the whole thing.  His name is Pong Chen.. (Or something like that).  He told us to call him "Super Chen.."  Evidently his friends call him Super Chen b/c he is around 6 ft. and rather large around the middle :P.  He has taken over our school room as his bedroom, so I have evacuated to Mom and Dad's room until I get a loft bed... :P  


Think that's all now :P

~Psych out~

*VPSA is Veritas Press Scholars Academy for any who might not know.  It is the online classical christian academy that I do school with.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Yes, my Military uncles would be proud.  Military seems to be in my near future!  I'm planning on joining a local highschool's JROTC AF program in the 2012-2013 school year :).  I received my official dog tags in the mail this afternoon... I'd appreciate prayers!  Love you all! :)